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Each and every valve that comes out of Panhandle Valve’s shop is tested to the most stringent requirements listed in PVFM’s QC/QA Manual, Section IV; Page 15. PVFM’s test stand is calibrated and the calibration records kept on file as directed by PVFM’s QC/QA Manual, Section II; Page 4.

Valves tested include not only valves that are remanufactured in our shop, but valves remanufactured for us at original manufacturer’s shops, new valves (not all manufacturers test 100% of their valves) and valves from any other source. Valves tested at PVFM are tagged with a unique number and test results are kept on file at PVFM. Test results are furnished to the customer upon request. Valves stored in our warehouse for extended periods of time are re-tested before shipping to the customer.

Our test procedures are designed to provide the customer with fully tested, ready for immediate installation valves.

Excerpts from PVFM QC/QA Manual

A. All valves remanufactured by P.V.F.M. shall be tested to minimum requirements of ANSI B16-34, API-598, and API 6-D, API/RP621.
1. API-598 shall be used to determine pressure test requirements by valve type.
2. All valves shall be tested to API 6-D specified pressures and durations, except use the more stringent 5 minute minimum duration.
3. API-6D Pipeline valves shall be tested with high pressure liquid for closure and shell requirements.
4. All other valves shall be low pressure air tested for closure and back seat, and high pressure liquid for shell test requirements.
5. All ANSI 150 pound rated gate vales shall be air tested at both 80 - 100 PSI, and 10 PSI to confirm suitability for vacuum service as well as regular service pressures.
6. All remanufactured gate valves will be tested compliant to API - RP 621.

[Test Equipment Calibration]

Section II. All Hydro test equipment pressure gauges shall be assigned unique identification numbers and be calibrated at 6 month intervals. Calibration documents will be maintained on file at P.V.F.M.


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