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Valve Remanufacturing



Remanufacturing valves is the core of PVFM’s business. While we sell new valves, provide field services and perform fabrication and machine work, remanufacturing valves is our top priority. PVFM has established a remanufacturing process that is second to none and produces a finished product as good as, or better than, a new valve. This remanufacturing process was developed when PVFM was a part of Phillips Petroleum and since 1997, when PVFM was purchased by D.E. Rice Company; we have continued to develop our process to make it even better.

Purchasing remanufactured valves allows our customers to achieve the quality and warranty of a new valve with significant price savings. In some cases, another plus to using a remanufactured valve is a quicker delivery time than most new valve orders. In today’s valve world, more and more valve companies are stocking only common valves and not in any great depth. Because PVFM is using valve bodies common to the industry, delivery times are limited only by the time to remanufacture the valve or in most cases the valve may already be in our warehouse ready for delivery. For many of our customers we maintain finished valves specific for their needs or keep designated cores ready to be remanufactured.

There are differing programs among our customers to handle their needs and a program can be designed for any of our customers. Whether it be completely maintaining your entire valve inventory to simply stocking a few designated critical valves there is a program that can be customized to fit almost any need.

Probably our most popular program involves keeping all of our customer’s cores (used valves from the customer) at our facility. These cores can then be remanufactured on demand or specified valves can be remanufactured and warehoused until needed. Since we keep a detailed inventory of all of the customer’s valves, both cores and remanufactured valves, the customer can know immediately if a valve they need is ready to go or can be remanufactured for immediate delivery. This is very effective when dealing with valves needed for turnarounds. We can have replacement valves “on the ground” waiting to be installed as the existing valves are removed. This simplifies turnaround planning and does away with delays waiting for replacement valves. All we need is the cores and a list of valves for the turnaround.




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